E – Liquid O+ Plus Review:

Hello everyone,

Today i am going to be writing a review on a completely different product that i have never reviewed before! firstly i will explain what this is all about and get straight into my review.

So in July – August 2015 i decided to give smoking up lots of people say it is hard how did you do it etc, to me this was so easy i did use a normal pen e cigarette which i think you can get for around £10-£15 and i never touched a cigarette since. Recently after i give up i was introduced to vaping by my Brother who has the Aspire Atlantis Sub with the iSub G Tank. I went out to purchase the Aspire kit as i liked the liquids a lot better and since then i have been vaping ever since.

Before Christmas i kindly emailed Debangstick who are a UK wholesalers for selling E – Liquid i loved the flavours they had available on their site and at the time i was quiet new to which liquids i did like and which i did not like so i was open to try any. The person i spoke to through email was very helpful and said they would send out 2 liquids for me to try and review.

Yellow Sub Review: 


The first liquid i reviewed was the Yellow Sub liquid which is described as a blend of strawberry and mango with a hint of mint and sweet paradise. When i first opened the box i was hit with a very sweet taste the liquid smelt good enough to eat so i went ahead and filled my tank up straight away to try this product.


As you can see from the picture my tank is over half full so there is a generous amount in their for me to try and enough to write my review on. On the first puff i was getting a strawberry on the inhale and mint on the exhale i thought this was delicious but the more i vaped the more minty taste i was getting. It is a shame as the liquid itself is a nice blend but the mint is too overpowering for me if you are a lover of your mint / menthol liquids then this is certainly the one for you.




I think the packaging on this product is really eye catching if i seen this in a vape should i would be intruded to no more information or to give this a try. The liquid i chose was a 6mg nicotine level but they are also available in 0mg, 3mg and the 6mg to be honest i have now changed my liquids to 3mg as i am not really vaping for the nicotine anymore i am just looking for flavour and the clouds.



The bottle is a squeezey bottle so it helps when filling tanks up or if you have the RDA’s, Box mods this would be easy to drip liquids too. The bottle i was sent was a 30ml bottle if i was vaping this every day all day i would probably make it stretch to a week but because i cannot smoke this as a all day vape i still have it after 3 months this is nice sometimes for when i want a change of liquids i usually stick too sweet and pudding type liquids hence why i am not able to vape this every day.



Overall i was really happy with this liquid i would score this a 6/10 only because of the mint being a little overpowering for me, blogging is all about honest and genuine feedback and i never tell lies in my review’s. Unfortunately for me this is not a liquid i would go out of my way to buy again but i would recommend this to friends and family as everyone’s taste is different, the 30ml bottles RRP for around £10-£12 which to me is very reasonable i have paid something silly like £21.99 for a 30ml and it lasted me 3 days if you like your menthol or if you are looking for a minty liquid this is for you and you will not be disappointed i have read other reviews on this liquid and people have been really impressed.

70/30 VG/PG

Summer Haze E – Liquid Review: 


The second liquid i received was the Summer Haze liquid which is the same brand but a different flavour. This liquid was also a 6MG and is described as summer roses and honey which i thought sounded unusual so i was looking forward to trying it. On the inhale of this liquid i was getting a honey taste and on the exhale i was getting the summer roses taste what can only be described as is like the parma violet sweets you can buy.


Again i filled my tank up to just under a full tank so their was over enough to try and be able to review the link, i must admit as this is a honest review the liquid was not really satisfying my taste buds it was too summery for me. After nearly half a tank of vaping i was getting a turkish delight taste i do like turkish delight but this was not a all day vape for me so for this reason i would score it a 6/10.


This bottle is also a squeezable lid so it was easy to fill my tank up and would also be perfect for dripping liquids. If you are a on the go vaper and you like to take your liquids out with you then this bottle is ideal the lid screws on very tight and no matter what way i place this in my pocket i have not experienced any leaking.


Overall i was happy with both liquids but they are not something i would buy it would kill for everyone to be the same i suppose. I do not no if they are not my cup of tea because of the fact i like sweet liquids or just because of the ingredients i would recommend the summer haze to anyone looking for that summery fresh vape if you like honey you will love this and the retail price is £10 for 30ml!! now that is a bargain.


The packaging is great on these products i feel if a company is willing to take time out to make a beautiful designed package the product itself will be 10x better. I would recommend both flavours to anyone who vapes as i stated in my reviews if you are looking for a honey vape Summer Haze is a ideal liquid to try but if you are a minty / menthol vaper the Yellow Sub would be perfect! The summer haze liquid has been voted best liquid in the O Plus range and is also the best reviewed product out of all the flavours to me they are value for money.


I do life my Aspire CF Sub the quality is great and the vape production is brilliant i get the big clouds and the sweet tastes but after a few tanks my coils need changing this is the only downside. Also if you have a glass tank i would highly recommend to purchase the vape bands that are pictured above i have 2 on mine as i have broken 1 glass tank already and for 50p for each band i cannot complain if it avoids me paying £20+ for a new tank.

As always i will link websites below and links to purchase the liquids direct from Debangstick the delivery is amazing within 2-3 days of emailing this company my liquids where both here. The packaging was very professional i have no doubt in saying they can not be damaged in transit and you will not be disappointed ordering from this company, if you have any questions or want to no about a certain product the ‘contact us’ page is on their website and they respond within 1-2 days with me i had a response within 12 hours. I did also read reviews on different websites are this help me get more of a idea about a liquid and tells me everything i need to know.

Website: https://www.debangstix.com/

Summer Haze: https://www.debangstix.com/oplus-summer-haze-flavour-30ml.html

Yellow Sub: http://debangstix.co.uk/e-liquids/oplus-yellow-sub-flavour-30ml.html

Thank you for reading everyone as always i would love to hear feedback about O Plus Liquid’s or any other liquid you would recommend also feel free to ask any questions






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