iPhone 6 Case, ULAK Ultra Slim Transparent Silicone Bumper Hard Case Cover for Apple iPhone 6 4.7 inch with Clear Screen Protector (Pink) Review:

Hello everyone,

Today i am going to be reviewing my new phone case i was very kindly sent by a seller of Amazon i kindly asked if it would be possible to try and review a case to keep my iPhone 6 well protected and had a fast response asking me to choose a case i would like to review.

I did choose 2 as if there was a problem with one i would be happy to review the second choice but i was overwhelmed when i received both!! to firstly i will be reviewing my clear pink case as this is my favorite.


Firstly i was shocked when i received my package as not only did it arrive within 1-2 working day’s it was well packaged and the case was complete with everything i needed to keep my phone well protected and clean. The case’s arrived in a lovely seal-able pack and each contain’s a phone case, cloth to clean the phone with to avoid scratches, a screen protector (which i already put on as i could not wait lol) and a touch screen pen which avoid’s getting finger marks on my screen when touching it.


The pink case was perfect for me as you can still see the phone instead of hiding it away inside a case as well as keeping it well protected. I did hear some mixed review’s on Amazon and i was a little apprehensive but i am so glad i did not listen as the whole package was perfect. My screen protector fit’s perfect and put’s my mind at ease about little scratches or mark’s it does exactly what it is described to do and i did also clean my phone screen with the high quality cloth included in my package and this too was perfect for getting a lovely result.


The longer i have had my case on the more i have become obsessed with it as not only is it protecting my phone from all the nasty damage the rim around the phone also glow’s in the dark. I do tend to use my phone more when i am lay in bed as i like to listen to music etc but i do tend to drop this sometime’s and not able to find it in the dark but thank’s to the lovely glowing edge’s i can no longer miss it! the touch pen also work’s perfect and is so much easier than having to keep using my finger’s to touch the screen as this get’s full of finger print’s and sometime’s can get scratched with long nail’s etc the whole package was perfect and i have no fault’s at all.


As you can see by the picture my phone is till noticeable as i always think what is the point in having a nice phone and hiding it away with a case but this was has been perfect and with it being see through and slim i can still see my stylish phone. I have dropped it a few time’s unfortunately but i can honestly say by having all of this protection it has not got a mark on it. The only thing that is not protected in the case is the camera but to avoid scratches i have the other side to my screen protector on the back of my phone.

The case was exactly as described on Amazon but even better in person it does look just like the picture but more stunning in real life a lovely see through pink made from plastic / silicone / gel and rubber. This case is designed for a apple iphone 6 but i am sure they do make them for other model’s and all i can say is you have to buy to believe how brilliant they really are!


The phone case is priced at just £4.99 with free delivery on order’s over £20 to me this is a very reasonable price as i have been charged £5 before now just for a screen protector so to get all the extra goodies and buy them all separate i would be looking at a price around £20+ so i would highly recommend for you to try or buy.

I have had my screen protector and case on for around 1-2 week’s now and everything still look’s new a solid case with so many extra’s at such a low and affordable price delivery is really fast and i was very surprised at how quick it took to arrive and was also sent through a courier service which i do also feel more at ease about as thing’s that arrive through the post can get lost but i would not have any issue’s from ordering in the future.

Overall i am really happy with this phone case it does not affect the phone in any way i no some case’s can cause poor signal strength, poor sound when speaking on the phone and the sound when playing music but i have had no issue’s or problem’s and i am already looking at what i can purchase from this company first as they have a wide range of lovely case’s and as they are so well built / high quality and great value for money i will certainly be ordering more you can also find out more information about this particular product or to make a purchase you can do so by clicking here i will as always link more information below and i can not express to anyone enough you simply do have to try it to believe it and i can 110% say you will not regret it.



Thank you for reading everyone and i hope you enjoyed reading my review if any of my other lovely follower’s would like to no anymore information or if you have any question’s please feel free to ask! 🙂

Has anyone else ever purchased from Pandamimi – The great Ulak case company? i would love to hear more review’s and recommendation’s!


i was sent this phone case in exchange for a review on my blog


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