E – Liquid O+ Plus Review:

Hello everyone,

Today i am going to be writing a review on a completely different product that i have never reviewed before! firstly i will explain what this is all about and get straight into my review.

So in July – August 2015 i decided to give smoking up lots of people say it is hard how did you do it etc, to me this was so easy i did use a normal pen e cigarette which i think you can get for around £10-£15 and i never touched a cigarette since. Recently after i give up i was introduced to vaping by my Brother who has the Aspire Atlantis Sub with the iSub G Tank. I went out to purchase the Aspire kit as i liked the liquids a lot better and since then i have been vaping ever since.

Before Christmas i kindly emailed Debangstick who are a UK wholesalers for selling E – Liquid i loved the flavours they had available on their site and at the time i was quiet new to which liquids i did like and which i did not like so i was open to try any. The person i spoke to through email was very helpful and said they would send out 2 liquids for me to try and review.

Yellow Sub Review: 


The first liquid i reviewed was the Yellow Sub liquid which is described as a blend of strawberry and mango with a hint of mint and sweet paradise. When i first opened the box i was hit with a very sweet taste the liquid smelt good enough to eat so i went ahead and filled my tank up straight away to try this product.


As you can see from the picture my tank is over half full so there is a generous amount in their for me to try and enough to write my review on. On the first puff i was getting a strawberry on the inhale and mint on the exhale i thought this was delicious but the more i vaped the more minty taste i was getting. It is a shame as the liquid itself is a nice blend but the mint is too overpowering for me if you are a lover of your mint / menthol liquids then this is certainly the one for you.




I think the packaging on this product is really eye catching if i seen this in a vape should i would be intruded to no more information or to give this a try. The liquid i chose was a 6mg nicotine level but they are also available in 0mg, 3mg and the 6mg to be honest i have now changed my liquids to 3mg as i am not really vaping for the nicotine anymore i am just looking for flavour and the clouds.



The bottle is a squeezey bottle so it helps when filling tanks up or if you have the RDA’s, Box mods this would be easy to drip liquids too. The bottle i was sent was a 30ml bottle if i was vaping this every day all day i would probably make it stretch to a week but because i cannot smoke this as a all day vape i still have it after 3 months this is nice sometimes for when i want a change of liquids i usually stick too sweet and pudding type liquids hence why i am not able to vape this every day.



Overall i was really happy with this liquid i would score this a 6/10 only because of the mint being a little overpowering for me, blogging is all about honest and genuine feedback and i never tell lies in my review’s. Unfortunately for me this is not a liquid i would go out of my way to buy again but i would recommend this to friends and family as everyone’s taste is different, the 30ml bottles RRP for around £10-£12 which to me is very reasonable i have paid something silly like £21.99 for a 30ml and it lasted me 3 days if you like your menthol or if you are looking for a minty liquid this is for you and you will not be disappointed i have read other reviews on this liquid and people have been really impressed.

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Mini Chou Chou Foxes Dolls by Zapf Creation Review:

Mini Chou Chou Fox review by Zapf Creation’s

Leanne's Product Review's

Hello everyone,

It’s been a few week’s since my last post so first of all i do apologise,

Today i am going to be reviewing the Mini Chou Chou Foxes doll’s by Zapf Creation these product’s are new so when i was asked if i would like to review one for my little girl i jumped at the chance.


My little girl has always loved playing with doll’s from being 2+ year’s old she is now turning 5 in October but i do not think any girl will ever stop playing with dolls especially when there is new product’s coming out every year.

L was delighted when i received the mini chou chou fox doll to review and burst the packaging open with excitement we were greeted by the lovely Judy doll. Each doll has a name and unique characteristics and they also come with a unique facial expression. Judy…

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iPhone 6 Case, ULAK Dual Layer Protection Slim Hybrid Impact Shockproof Silicone Skin Case Cover for Apple iPhone 6 (4.7 Inch) with Screen Protector(White + Rose Pink) Review:

Hello everyone,

Sorry it’s late i have been having issue’s trying to fix my other blog and hopefully i will able to get back on it now so i will be re-blogging this post to my other blog.

Today / tonight i am going to be reviewing the second phone case i was very kindly sent to try and also review on my blog i was not expecting this second case as i chose this for my second choice just incase there was a problem with my first choice but i am not complaining and i was over the moon when the post man pushed this through my letter box.

The second case is a dual layer protection slim hybrid impact shockproof silicone case for iPhone 6. I chose this case for when i was outdoor’s as the protection looked amazing online and i must say it look’s a lot better in person, i could not wait to try this on my phone and always use this case when i am outside the reason for this is because if i drop it or have anything in my pocket’s / handbag that may scratch my iPhone 6 this case is all the protection i need to avoid this.


I was shocked again when i received my product not only was i not expecting this but i was also not expecting all of the extra goodies that came with it i received a screen protector, shocking pink metallic touch screen pen, cleaning cloth and the lovely case which look’s like 2 case’s in one. A lot of people may think these are a little thick and the only downside is they make your phone look a little on the chunky side but after having this one on for a few day’s now i can see why as the more protection on a case the better. If you are clumsy like me and scratch a phone easily or drop them on concrete which i have done a few time’s and chipped all the corner’s of my phone this is the perfect product to avoid any damage occurring.


The reason i chose this case was simply because of the lovely colour’s i think pink and white go lovely together and also make’s my phone look lovely, the apple logo at the back of my phone is visible but everything else except the screen is fully protected for the sake of a lovely case i would rather my phone be hidden and well protected i have been more at ease these last few day’s when i have been using my iPhone 6 outdoor’s i am a clumsy person i have dropped my older phone which was a 4’s on the wood flooring in the house, ceramic tile’s in my outhouse and concrete outside when i was getting out of a taxi i dropped my phone from a great height the phone did not have a cover but it did not smash only the edge of the phone chipped and the bottom was damaged but not visible so i like to think of this now as a lucky escape and a lesson learnt.


The screen protector fit’s perfectly and is very simple to put on the screen, the touch screen pen has been helping a lot as i hate finger print’s on electrical thing’s this is the only negative i have with touch screen product’s but thank god for protector’s and the amazing pen’s which work’s perfect infact i find the pen is easier most of the time rather than having to keep touching thing’s this crashes my phone the majority of the time but since using my pen i have had no issue’s (touch wood)


The case is made from a silicone/ plastic/ gel and rubber material and has since protected my phone from finger print’s, scratches, dust, collisions and abrasion and despite all this my phone look’s very stylish when the case is on i absolutely love this one! there is more lovely colours available but i chose this 1 for the simple fact the white and pink stood out more to me on there Amazon page. The case being on the phone does not affect the sound or using any other button’s as there are part’s on the case which make the side buttons easier to use.


The only con’s i have found with this particular product is the signal can be a little poor sometime’s when i move around the house but if i am downstairs or outside there is no problem’s it just seem’s to be when i am upstairs i am not sure if this is the case that is causing this problem or the phone itself but i am not one to complain over little thing’s and i am really grateful for being given the chance to work with this company and receiving 2 case’s in return for a blog review on both case’s and also a Amazon review.

The seller is on Amazon and is called Pandamimi–The Great ULAK Case Company i did email the lovely seller and received a very fast response asking me to chose a case and within a matter of 1-2 day’s i received my first one the second one arrived within 3-4 day’s i think the company is based in UK so this was very fast and speedy delivery and would highly recommend for you to buy if you are unsure about a product i would also advise for you to contact the seller as they are very friendly people and help as much as they can.


Overall i am really happy with the product’s i have been sent to review and i am so glad i chose this company to add to my blog they have been extremely lovely and made me feel like a valued customer which i will be buying from soon. The case is available in lot’s of style’s and colour’s and is sold on Amazon or through their website which i will link all information below. This particular product is priced on Amazon for £5.99 with free delivery to me this is a very cheap and affordable price especially for all the extra’s that arrive with it if i purchased all of this separate from a shop i would be looking at a price around £20+ so unfortunately there will be no more case’s bought from a shop i will be going direct to the Ulak phone company and ordering from them as i am confident in their delivery process / time of delivery and the quality of product’s i have had the same screen protector on for around 3 week’s now and have not had any problem’s the one’s i had on my iPhone 4’s i had to renew every 1-2 week’s as they would loose the stickiness but i have a feeling these would last a good few month’s.

The only thing i can not express enough to my lovely reader’s is you would simply have buy to believe it and i can guarantee you will not regret it i was at first a little apprehensive about this company due to the mixed review’s i was reading on Amazon but i can assure you these are not true and i feel people have just been trying to pull a fast one with this company i am very happy with the 2 cases and other product’s and will certainly be buying more in the future they have kept my phone well protected and avoided all the nasty little scratches.

Phone case link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00QF40O88/ref=twister_B00NHJNUL2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

Amazon link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aag/main?ie=UTF8&asin=&isAmazonFulfilled=&isCBA=&marketplaceID=A1F83G8C2ARO7P&orderID=&protocol=current&seller=A13MM6QEXHFRYE&sshmPath=

I would advise for you to take a look as their is more case’s for different model phone’s e.g Samsung galaxy’s, other iPhone model’s, Kindle’s, tablet’s etc.

As always thank you so much for all of my lovely follower’s and friend’s / family for reading my review i hope you enjoyed just as much as i have enjoyed using these product’s the quality is amazing!

I have also been asked if i would like to review the iPhone 6 slim fit lumenair series crystal clear hybrid impact shock proof clear hybrid impact bumper case which flashes when their is a incoming call i will most definitely be taking them up on their lovely kind gesture (this one will be a small payment review) but they are worth every penny! and i would love a case that flashes when it ring’s so keep a look out for my third review which will be uploaded when i have sorted my next product out 🙂


”i received this product in exchange for a full honest review”

iPhone 6 Case, ULAK Ultra Slim Transparent Silicone Bumper Hard Case Cover for Apple iPhone 6 4.7 inch with Clear Screen Protector (Pink) Review:

Hello everyone,

Today i am going to be reviewing my new phone case i was very kindly sent by a seller of Amazon i kindly asked if it would be possible to try and review a case to keep my iPhone 6 well protected and had a fast response asking me to choose a case i would like to review.

I did choose 2 as if there was a problem with one i would be happy to review the second choice but i was overwhelmed when i received both!! to firstly i will be reviewing my clear pink case as this is my favorite.


Firstly i was shocked when i received my package as not only did it arrive within 1-2 working day’s it was well packaged and the case was complete with everything i needed to keep my phone well protected and clean. The case’s arrived in a lovely seal-able pack and each contain’s a phone case, cloth to clean the phone with to avoid scratches, a screen protector (which i already put on as i could not wait lol) and a touch screen pen which avoid’s getting finger marks on my screen when touching it.


The pink case was perfect for me as you can still see the phone instead of hiding it away inside a case as well as keeping it well protected. I did hear some mixed review’s on Amazon and i was a little apprehensive but i am so glad i did not listen as the whole package was perfect. My screen protector fit’s perfect and put’s my mind at ease about little scratches or mark’s it does exactly what it is described to do and i did also clean my phone screen with the high quality cloth included in my package and this too was perfect for getting a lovely result.


The longer i have had my case on the more i have become obsessed with it as not only is it protecting my phone from all the nasty damage the rim around the phone also glow’s in the dark. I do tend to use my phone more when i am lay in bed as i like to listen to music etc but i do tend to drop this sometime’s and not able to find it in the dark but thank’s to the lovely glowing edge’s i can no longer miss it! the touch pen also work’s perfect and is so much easier than having to keep using my finger’s to touch the screen as this get’s full of finger print’s and sometime’s can get scratched with long nail’s etc the whole package was perfect and i have no fault’s at all.


As you can see by the picture my phone is till noticeable as i always think what is the point in having a nice phone and hiding it away with a case but this was has been perfect and with it being see through and slim i can still see my stylish phone. I have dropped it a few time’s unfortunately but i can honestly say by having all of this protection it has not got a mark on it. The only thing that is not protected in the case is the camera but to avoid scratches i have the other side to my screen protector on the back of my phone.

The case was exactly as described on Amazon but even better in person it does look just like the picture but more stunning in real life a lovely see through pink made from plastic / silicone / gel and rubber. This case is designed for a apple iphone 6 but i am sure they do make them for other model’s and all i can say is you have to buy to believe how brilliant they really are!


The phone case is priced at just £4.99 with free delivery on order’s over £20 to me this is a very reasonable price as i have been charged £5 before now just for a screen protector so to get all the extra goodies and buy them all separate i would be looking at a price around £20+ so i would highly recommend for you to try or buy.

I have had my screen protector and case on for around 1-2 week’s now and everything still look’s new a solid case with so many extra’s at such a low and affordable price delivery is really fast and i was very surprised at how quick it took to arrive and was also sent through a courier service which i do also feel more at ease about as thing’s that arrive through the post can get lost but i would not have any issue’s from ordering in the future.

Overall i am really happy with this phone case it does not affect the phone in any way i no some case’s can cause poor signal strength, poor sound when speaking on the phone and the sound when playing music but i have had no issue’s or problem’s and i am already looking at what i can purchase from this company first as they have a wide range of lovely case’s and as they are so well built / high quality and great value for money i will certainly be ordering more you can also find out more information about this particular product or to make a purchase you can do so by clicking here i will as always link more information below and i can not express to anyone enough you simply do have to try it to believe it and i can 110% say you will not regret it.



Thank you for reading everyone and i hope you enjoyed reading my review if any of my other lovely follower’s would like to no anymore information or if you have any question’s please feel free to ask! 🙂

Has anyone else ever purchased from Pandamimi – The great Ulak case company? i would love to hear more review’s and recommendation’s!


i was sent this phone case in exchange for a review on my blog

Bob Martin Sample’s 03/11/2014

Leanne's Product Review's

Hi everyone,

I very kindly emailed Bob Martin and asked if I could review some of there product’s for my outside cold water fish and I received my parcel on Monday 3rd November, I was made up with how generous they was and they sent me 3 product’s to review which are,

  1. Floating Stick’s
  2. Goldfish Flake’s
  3. TapWater Safe

I have tried my fish with the floating stick’s and I must say they went down a treat! the tub’s are great quality for money and I will be buying these in the future.

I have not yet tried the goldfish flake’s or tap water safe but I will review these soon along with a full review on the flaoting stick’s once I my fishes have finished the whole tub 🙂


Links to Bob Martin’s is as follows: http://www.bobmartin.co.uk/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BobMartinUK

Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/BobMartinUK

Thank you for reading

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Upbeat Protein Drink Review

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I kindly emailed upbeat and asked if I could try some of there product’s and they very kindly sent me 2 x coupon’s for 2 free bottle’s and 17 x 50p off coupon’s along with a upbeat chart full of lot’s of useful and interesting information and also a little USB with upbeat’s logo on followed by a lovely post card, the lady I emailed was very helpful and also very kind and I was told I would receive some voucher’s though the post but I was shocked to find the generous amount I was sent.


Today I tried the Upbeat strawberry protein dairy drink the good thing about these they are made with real fruit juice and also they are a delicious drink packed full of protein and nutrition!


I had my Upbeat drink for my breakfast due to being ill and not feeling 100% I thought it would…

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Beanie’s Chocolate Orange Coffee Review.

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Hi Everyone,

I recently emailed Beanie’s coffee as I was recommended by a friend to try, they have a delicious range and I was spoilt for choice on which to buy first so I kindly asked if they had any sample’s available.

I had a fast response within a hour from a kind representative who said he would send me some sample’s and a jar of the chocolate orange coffee I was surprised at how much was sent and my and my family are enjoying some delicious coffee!

I was sent

– 1 Full Size Chocolate Orange Jar Of Coffee

– 8 sample sachet’s of hazelnut instant coffee

– 8 sample sachet’s of Irish cream instant coffee


I have been trying and enjoying the chocolate orange as this was the 1 that stood out to me on there website, this coffee is very easy to make and is made like…

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Pooch & Mutt Dog Food Review

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Hi everyone,

For the last few day’s I have been trying my dog with pooch & mutt food, I have never seen their product’s in my super market’s but I was interesting in trying as I have seen some excellent reviews.!

I have been having trouble getting my dog to eat proper food it would just sniff food and walk away but would wolf down treat’s! I new this was not right and after changing her brand of food many time’s nothing has seemed to work. I spoke to a lovely lady through the pooch and mutt email representatives and the lady very kindly asked which bag I would like to try, when I received my parcel I was over the moon to see a full 2KG size bag of dog food! my doggy was certainly barking and couldn’t wait to try it.


Pooch & Mutt dog food have a…

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